Why keyboards & trackballs ?

Why use a keyboard or pointing device ?


A personal computer of 2014 is not a whole lot different to a PC in 1981, and that's because it's a good design. Keyboards and trackballs are by far the best input method. Touch screen is great on a little smart phone, but if I you had to touch your monitor to control your PC, your arms would get tired after around 2 minutes.  Getting tired from holding your arms up to use a touchscreen is, in the industry, called "gorilla arm". You could put the monitor on your lap, but then the back of your neck would get sore after 2 minutes.

The best way to use a PC is to sit in a comfortable chair, with a PC screen at head height, at a good distance from your face so that you can read clearly but it's not too close. 
The newer capacitive touchscreens are very responsive, but do run into trouble if the user is wearing gloves or trying to use fingernails to select objects on screen.

Keyboards will be around for a long time, nothing can beat it for proof of simplicity and accurancy of data entry and cursor control.


Why still use keyboards & pointing devices ?

  • You don’t need to be within arms reach of the screen, so you don’t get a sore arm
  • Durt/grease causes no problem – (touch will limit the view on screen)
  • Suitable for marine (stormy weather)
  • More accurate and reliable for data input of text and numbers
  • Low power consumption
  • Specialised keyboards for your application are available







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